Hi there, I'm
a creative UX & UI designer from Dublin, Ireland
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My Work

I specialise in Digital Product Design, UX Design, UI Design and Web Design.

My Process

Design is a process, we must always aim to combine empathy, creativity and rationality to solve for our user’s needs before we can measure success.

  • Empathize & Define

    Establishing business requirements and goals. Learning about who the user is and what their needs are. Defining meaningful and actionable problem statements that focus on insights and the needs of the user. The insights emerge from a process of stakeholder and user interviews, surveys, competitor analysis, and creating user personas.

  • Ideate

    Transitioning from identifying problems to creating solutions. Brainstorming to find the widest possible range of ideas from which to select, not simply finding a single, best solution.

  • Prototype & Design

    An iterative process of generating artifacts intended to answer questions that bring us closer to the final solution. These prototypes can be anything that a user can interact with – a wall of post-it notes, wireframes, paper mockups, or storyboard. Sitemaps, information architecture and high-fidelity static mockups are created for visual representation of the end product.

  • Test

    Testing provides the opportunity to better understand the user through observation and engagement. Trying to find out what worked and what didn't. Refining the solution and informing for the next iteration of protyping and design through usability testing and evaluation, feedback and surveys.

  • Build

    Taking what was learned and giving the design a stuctural markup with scripts and stylesheets to create a finished product with graphical elements.


About Me

Creative. Thinker. Dreamer.

I am a user-centered, problem-solving, self-motivated UX & UI designer living in Dublin, Ireland. I have experience working in-house, freelance and in an agency environment at every stage of the design process from initial ideation to finished product, creating simple and practical solutions to user's problems.

I love understanding how people think and behave, and leveraging research to design and transform complex tasks into intuitive products and experiences which solve both user and business needs. My ability to learn quickly and my love for new technologies has allowed me to gain experience in a wide variety of fields in the digital world whether it be graphic design, small business websites, eCommerce stores or mobile applications.

When I'm not designing my passion is photography (@dannywatchorn) so I love to travel, hike, snowboard and generally get outdoors as much as I can.

Download my CV here.

Contact Me

Whether it’s finding a solution to a complex design problem, or just figuring out what colours work best on a web page, I aim for simple, intuitive solutions that will improve the projects I work on. Feel free to say hello and let me know if you have a project I can help you with.